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When I was a singer, my voice teacher’s goal was to make me NOT need him. He wanted me to own my technique and be able to use it independently of him. Now that’s my goal for you. I teach by doing, I teach by observing, and I teach by viewing. In my classes you do specially designed exercises (you’ve seen some of them in my books!), and those same exercises are repeated by your classmates so that you can see them challenge themselves. Finally, I play specially selected clips so you can see how the pros do it. That’s it: Do (nothing like it); Watch (and dissect or imitate if appropriate); View (and learn from the masters).  

The Sitcom Career Class

marylou-classes-sitcom Find where the jokes are and how to deliver them so that you will nail every audition. This is a learn-by-doing class where every student is on their feet working. Next class September 12, 2015.   Learn More

The Actor’s Workout

marylou-classes-2 Think of this class as an acting gym, and I’m your trainer. You select what you want to work on. I direct you as if you are an actor on one of my shows. Next class September 14, 2015, in Los Angeles.   Learn More

The Sitcom Basics

marylou-classes-3 This class is all about the jokes! It’s a short but interactive introduction to my sitcom technique. It’s fast paced – just like working on a television set. Next class in Atlanta November 14.   Learn More


Multi-Camera Sitcom Intensive

marylou-classes-4 If you want to see what it’s like to be on a sitcom — performing in front of 3 LIVE CAMERAS- this is the class for you. Next class in LA May 16-17.   Learn More

Auditioning In Hollywood

marylou-classes-hwood Find out what it’s like to “be in the room.” Designed for high school and college students. You get to “read for” a real TV show…or at least that’s what it’ll feel like.   Learn More

Sitcom Boot Camp Weekend

marylou-classes-boots This three-day overview combines The Sitcom Basics, where you’ll learn to find and deliver the jokes, followed by the Multi-Camera Sitcom Intensive.    Learn More


Acting For The Camera Weekend

marylou-classes-5 Find out how acting in front of a camera is different from acting on stage in this powerhouse workshop that I co-teach with actor Charles Dougherty.   Learn More

Directors Tell The Story Weekend

marylou-classes-dir Discover what it takes to direct. This intensive will compress the skills you need to prep, to shoot, and to helm a production that might cost millions.   Learn More

Directing For Television

marylou-classes-usc Direct two comedy shorts in USC’s multi-camera TV studio, guided by an Emmy award-winning sitcom director.   Learn More


Acting For The Camera Camp

marylou-classes-usper For teens who want to find out how acting in front of a camera is different from acting on stage! This workshop is co-taught with actor Charles Dougherty.   Learn More

Web TV

marylou-classes-usper Choose your role in creating a web series. Learn, acting, directing and camera work for the web from a team of industry professionals. Write, shoot, and post a web series on Youtube.  Learn More

Intro To Multi-Camera Production

marylou-classes-USC2 Direct two comedy shorts in USC’s multi-camera TV studio, guided by an Emmy award-winning sitcom director.   Learn More


When I was starting out, the only way to improve my comedy chops was by getting a job on a sitcom. And I got that because I knew somebody, not because I was funny. On set, my education was a chaotic jumble of making mistakes, taking advice from pros, and learning by doing. There were acting books for theatre but there weren’t any for working on sitcoms.  So I decided to change that and wrote “The Sitcom Career Book” to give you the lowdown on what it takes to be a professional on a series. With my next two books, “Acting for Young Actors” and “Directors Tell the Story,” I present two more how-to guides with lots of inside info that can only be shared by someone who learned by doing and, as a result, now directs actors for a living.



The 2nd edition of this authoritative classic.


Learn More


If you want to act…this book is written for you.


Learn More

Learn what it takes to become a director.


Learn More

Web Series


tutors   Three unlikely roommates: A white gay guy with gay and black pride, a black straight guy who knows more about MBAs than the NBA, and an Asian-Amerian girl who chooses tweets over tradition.Subscribe to the youtube channel http://tinyurl.com/theLBSisters    [maxbutton id=”1″ text=”Learn More” url =” /webespoides/flavors/”]


3way   Siobhan’s journey of serenity and calm following a disastrous and public divorce hits a bump in the road when her roommate Roxie moves her new girlfriend into this already estrogen-packed house.   [maxbutton id=”1″ text=”Learn More” url = “/webespoides/3way/”]


JLandS   Follow the comic adventures of Ms. Lewis as the show-business diva mentor of the up-and-coming drag performer whom Ms.Lewis invites to live in the basement apartment of her Hollywood mansion.   [maxbutton id=”1″ text=”Learn More” url =”/ webespoides/jenifer-lewis-and-shangela/”]


Work In Progress

girls   One’s 30s is the decade where women are supposed to have it all figured out. These women prove it’s not always true.  Four friends in different stages — marriage, divorce, pregnancy, and career building — help each other while exploring life in Los Angeles through their relationships and jobs as stylists in Hollywood.   [maxbutton id=”1″ text=”Learn More” url =”/ webespoides/work-in-progress/”]


kid   Kurt’s very ambitious. He wants a promotion. He’s convinced the only way to get one is for his son to bond with the boss’s son. But Kurt doesn’t have a son. So, he rents one…from the only one willing to do that: a greedy crack whore. Kurt’s scheme introduces him to a kid who is as unconventional as Kurt is ambitious.   [maxbutton id=”1″ text=”Learn More” url = “/webespoides/mother-fakers/”]

Billary TransPresident


If he can’t campaign as Bill he’ll campaign as Hillary. Never content with being relegated to a “back-stage” role in Hillary’s campaign, President Bill Clinton “puts on a new face” and hits the campaign trail determined to get Hillary elected as the first woman president.  



Find where the jokes are and how to deliver them so that you will nail every audition.


MARY LOU BELLI is an Emmy Award-winning director, writer, producer. Among her recent directorial credits are multiple episodes of “Hart of Dixie,” on the CW, “Second Generation Wayans,” “Reed Between the Lines,” and “The Game,” for BET. She has also directed seven consecutive seasons of “Girlfriends” on the CW. A groundbreaking web series director, Mary Lou did the pilots and multiple episodes of “3Way,” winner of two Logo awards and The AfterEllen.com 2008 Best Web Series award, “Jenifer Lewis and Shangela,” one of IndieGogo’s top 10 web series of 2012, and “Work in Progress,” “Mother Fakers,”  and “Flavors” now in post production.

Mary Lou has directed an additional 150+ television episodes, among which are “Monk,” “Wizards of Waverly Place,” “Sister, Sister,” “Living with Fran,” starring Fran Drescher, “Misconceptions,” starring Jane Leeves, and “Eve,” starring hip-hop artist Eve, as well as  The “Hughleys,” “Major Dad,” and “Charles in Charge,” Episodes she directed of “The Game,” “Girlfriends,” and “One on One” have all been nominated or won multiple Prism Awards.

She has co-authored three books: “The NEW Sitcom Career Book,” now in its second edition, “Acting for Young Actors,” and “Directors Tell the Story” which recently added China to its list of international markets.




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