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My New Web Series

Check out my new web series – Flavors –  https://youtu.be/cWOF1tpyjy8  and subscribe to our youtube channel http://tinyurl.com/theLBSisters .

Keep Getting Shit Done

If I’m idle, something is wrong. It is rare that I have not scheduled myself to fill every waking moment of the day…some might say over scheduled. I jest that my gravestone will say: ”Wait, I’m not done yet!” My life is about getting shit done. Why? In a profession where I am not punching…

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I started a Lean In circle recently with a directing colleague I met at the Warner Bros. directing workshop. I’ve been examining just when it is that I do or don’t “lean in” and take my place at the table where I belong. I decided to start with something simple: the way I drive. I…

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I know it when I see it onscreen. I can’t help but notice it when I’m near two people who have it. It’s palpable when I have it with someone else. And I’m not talking about that urge to jump into bed with someone. Although chemistry, I’m sure fuels that in all of us, in…

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“With fear, learning stops,” Bob Koherr, a fellow sitcom director, reminded me and a room with other DGA members recently. I’ve blogged about fear before—how it can be your friend. But Bob’s statement prompted me to think about fear again and reexamine how I overcome it. I realized that I have several strategies to draw…

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“Ask a busy person . . .” It makes sense. A busy person already has a reputation for saying yes. And odds are he/she will again. But I want to talk about the reflex of saying no. Why do people do that? Who wants the rep of being the negative one? You say no to…

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Always Ask

I hate asking for help. I don’t know if it’s not wanting to impose, not wanting to be beholden, or just fearing that someone might say no. But I learned a great lesson when I was recently producing three Santa Monica Cares shorts, about services that help the homeless, a project co-sponsored by the DGA’s…

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The Job

I was directing a scene . . . an homage to Abbot and Costello’s fabulous “Who’s on First.”  (And if you’ve never seen that skit, stop reading this RIGHT NOW watch it!  I mean it—watch it NOW!)  Amazing, right?  Back to my class. The actor playing Charlie couldn’t get the emphasis correct on his second…

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I hate censorship, but as a teacher at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, I have to use good judgment in the classroom. That’s why I had to pause and think for a second when I was teaching a comedy directing class and one of my students wanted to give an example that would illustrate the…

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Get Off The Pot

My dad loved to say, “Shit or get off the pot.” And that is how I feel about being a good director.  Not long ago when I was in San Francisco judging the Californian Indie Film Fest I was blown away by the determination of the participating filmmakers. Their guerilla filmmaking techniques yielded award-winning movies…

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This is sometimes a problem of mine. On one hand, I feel being blunt is simply being honest; on the other, I am aware that it can appear . . . insensitive. My friend Suanne says I hold the record for the shortest phone calls EVER.  True. If you’ve been on set with me, you’ve…

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I owe a lot to fear. I’ve won an Emmy, directed award-winning webisodes, and given speeches to rooms full of people who don’t speak a word of English, all motivated by terror and a healthy sense of self. The more hairy and audacious the challenge, the more willing I am to give it a try.…

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