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The New Sitcom Career Book

This is a how-to book for getting a job on a sitcom and keeping it once you do.
This book is in its 2nd edition because the 1st printing disappeared off the shelves and folks were clamoring to get a hold of a copy…and I wanted to make sure that new buyers had the most up-to-date info about the continually growing sitcom world. You’ll learn to find the jokes and how to deliver them. The rules, the language and the traditions will be revealed, along with a colorful, first person-account of what it feels like to be on the set. “The NEW Sitcom Career Book” includes insider information that guides many of the key players- actors, directors, writers, casting directors, costume designers, camera operators and editors. It also shares the unique language that directors use to get actors to “deliver the funny,” as well as the story and structure writers need to know to create a pilot.
“The NEW Sitcom Career Book” (Maplewood Press, 2013) by Mary Lou Belli and Phil Ramuno Foreward by Henry Winkler, Preface by Robert Greenblatt ISBN-10: 0989342803 ISBN-13: 978-0989342803 Buy Here  
Review: “There is not another book about sitcoms that gives this inside information. Mary Lou’s extensive experience as a working sitcom director is reflected on every page.”
Scott Sedita  (Author “The Eight Characters of Comedy” “Scott Sedita’s Guide To Making It In Hollywood” and the “Actor Audition App”)

Review: “This book should be mandatory reading for any actor, young or old, who is ever hired or hopes to be cast on a sitcom. The knowledge and tips in this book will make an actor feel confident and creative when the director yells, “Action!”
Richard Roat (Amazon)

Review: “Mary Lou knows her stuff and after you read her book, you will too!”
Manny Basanese (Amazon)

Review: “Mary Lou is clearly the “go to” mentor to every actor who has aspirations to achieve lasting success in the very competitive sitcom business. Directors and writers might also learn a few things from this very valuable book.”
Basil Hoffman (Author of “Cold Reading And How To Be Good At It,” and “Acting and How To Be Good At It.”)