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Auditioning in Hollywood

Find out what it's like "to be in the room."

Find out what it’s like to “be in the room.” Designed for high school and college students, you get to “read for” a real TV show…or at least that’s what it’ll feel like. Audition in front of an Emmy-award-winning Hollywood director, get feedback, and see if you’d get the job!

This fun seminar will prepare you for the realities of auditioning for film and TV work. You’ll learn the DOs and DON’Ts of auditioning. You’ll see working actors’ sample reels, headshots, and resumes. You’ll get tips about breaking into “the business.” But mostly you’ll simulate a live audition, get feedback, then try to improve with your “next” audition. Spend time playing a “producer” and discover what wins the job by votiing for who will get a callback. This class is popular at high schools and Thespian festivals.

Available across the U.S. and Canada.

I book these around my directing schedule. 60-90 minutes. Can be abridged.

I offer “Acting For Young Actors” at a discount.


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