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Multi-Camera Sitcom Intensive

If you want to see what it’s like to be on a sitcom -performing in front of 3 LIVE CAMERAS- this is the class for you.
You get to table read, rehearse and block, then shoot your scenes being directed by an Emmy award winning sitcom director…Me! Then I playback your “shot” scenes and give you more feedback so that when you book your next gig, you’ll feel like an old pro. Here’s how it works: you get material prior to class as if you were guest starring on a sitcom. You show up for class and in a compressed time frame, we table read, then I stage the scene. You run lines once while I mark shots, then we camera block, then shoot. You get to do 3 or 4 scenes each day and see playback of your work. I will often pinpoint a specific area I want you to focus on in your next scene. Results are amazing and casting directors notice the difference. BONUS: You get a 20% off coupon if you want to come back….and you will!
WHERE: Available as stand alone class for Los Angeles acting schools or for universities throughout U.S. and Canada. WHEN: I book these around my directing schedule. Each day runs 6 hours plus a 30 minute break for lunch.
Next class Nov 16, in Atlanta.

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