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The Actor’s Workout

Think of this class as a professional level acting gym and I’m your trainer.
 You select what you want to work on. I direct you as if you are an actor on one of my shows. We start with a warm up to get your juices flowing.- a short but specific acting exercise that usually reflects some acting challenge I had to tackle on the set recently. Then you have a choice to work in one of 3 ways with material you choose to bring in or “suggested” sides that we email to you from currently casting or recent shows. The 3 ways to work are: Studio Style: In the real world you don’t rehearse until you meet on set. That’s what happens here. We read, rehearse, and block with marks on floor. I focus on continuity and moment-to-moment work. I want you to experience the “event” of the scene. You should be familiar with material. Audition Style: This simulates an audition setting with a Casting Director/Reader and Director who will give adjustments. You should be familiar with the material. Scene Study Style: This is a more in-depth analysis of your performance. Bring in your already rehearsed scene and we’ll work on specific choices and beats. BONUS: A casting director, agent or manager comes once a month to view class work!
WHERE: Hollywood WHEN: Monday afternoons in selected months. Each class 3 hours. Next class begins Sept 14, in LA. ADMISSION: By invitation or recommendation.

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